Industrial Cheese Boxes

Quality in Wood stamp

It all started with the log and the board.

If you’ve ever purchased aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese, it was most likely aged in a Dufeck cheese box. This was our original product when our business started more than one hundred years ago. Today, we still produce cheese boxes for renowned cheesemakers in Wisconsin and nationwide.

The manufacturing process remains the same. We still start with a log and board, turning the log to peel the veneer and processing the board to make the top and the bottom (called the heads). Sizes vary to hold cheese wheels from a three-pound gem to a 150-pound tub. These sturdy, economical boxes are used for aging cheddar cheese and transporting it to a distributor or store.Customers often ask, “What is the difference between an industrial cheese box and a craft cheese box?” While both industrial and craft cheese boxes are strong and durable, an industrial box may have knots in the wood, fuzzy veneer or an irregular surface on the cover. These irregularities do not affect the cheese aging process, but would make an industrial box unsuitable for a crafter to decorate or use for gift packaging.

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