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Custom Wood Displays

Quality in Wood stamp

Our custom wood displays attract attention to your products when showcased in natural wood. They offer a natural, modern and plastic-free way to enhance your product. Each of our displays are hand-crafted wood presentations with great attention to detail. 

Make them your own with our staining and labeling options.

Display Barrels

Sleek, well-crafted wooden display barrel made by Dufeck Wood Products.

Draw attention to everything you display in these naturally attractive wood barrels. Available options include wheels for ease of movement, or a cover to better display your product. 

Stock sizes are: 

08024 – Tubby with Removable Legs – 24″ Dia x 36″H (OD) 
08326 – Deli Display Barrel – 25″ Dia x 26″H (OD) 
06336 – Tall Deli Display Barrel – 26″ Dia x 36″H (OD) 

We made a custom barrel, 6 feet across and 8 feet tall, to hold 10,000 pounds of cheese! We’re ready to work with you for any of your custom needs! 

Shelf Displays

Shelving units are functional and help make your products look even better! 

Whether you choose a standalone shelf or tabletop, all of our natural wood shelf displays are a great way to display your products and organize your life. These shelving units stain beautifully, in any color, and adding your logo will be sure to get your products noticed. 

Attractive and easy to assemble, each shelf slides into a corresponding bracket on the side supports — no tools required. Leave it natural, paint, seal or stain the wood unit.  

Stock sizes are: 

08240 – 24″ Four-Shelf (straight or tiered) – 24″W x 64″H x 24″ Depth 
08320 – 32″ Four-Shelf (straight or tiered) – 32″W x 64″H x 24″ Depth 
08420 – 42″ Four-Shelf (straight or tiered) – 42″W x 36″H x 24″ Depth 

Contact us with all your shelving needs and ideas. Together we can design units that fit your products, space or lifestyle! 

Custom Countertop Wood Displays

Wine being displayed in custom countertop wood displays by Dufeck Wood Products.

Our custom countertop displays set up easily and showcase more products in less space. Choose tiered shelving for soap, jams and spices or pegged racks to display cookies. Enjoy natural wood or easily finish it as you desire. Get the benefits of a custom display at an affordable price. 

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for in our online store, contact and we will happily provide a free quote on a custom display design.