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Sawdust & Mulch

Quality in Wood stamp

We pride ourselves on our green facility.

Our natural landscaping mulch and sawdust are made through a multi-step process of pallet recycling and mill biproducts. This sustainable wood mulch and sawdust can serve as an eco-friendly ground cover in a variety of settings. 

First, we grind old, unusable or damaged pallets and scrap wood. This then passes through a high-powered magnet to remove all the unwanted metal debris. 

To make our sawdust, we then regrind to produce a mixture of 1/2” shavings. All of this is 100% organic garden mulch and sawdust.  

Those companies or individuals specifically looking for sustainable wood mulch or sawdust can find what they need with Dufeck.  

Our mulch and sawdust are sold strictly by volume and available for both pickup and delivery most days of the week. 

Please contact us for prices.

Hand holding natural landscaping sawdust. In the background, there is more sawdust, serving as an eco-friendly ground cover.